Tufenkyan Heritage Hotels

Lilit Hakobyan, TUFENKIAN HOSPITALITY, PR and Advertising Manager

Armenia is yet undiscovered, attractive cultural and natural tourist destination with rich historical background. It has vast potential for developing of tourism - it is an old country with rich history, traditions, millennial culture and virgin nature. However, tourism cannot be developed to any significant degree until proper accommodations are established, which enable visitors to enjoy the country, and which in fact may become a reason to visit it.

Remarkably, Armenia had no hotels in the countryside, and guests were required to make long-term trips to its numerous historic and scenic locations from the capital Yerevan.

The goal of Tufenkian Heritage Hotels is to create a chain of hotels throughout the countryside of Armenia, which will attract foreigners, expatriates, and locals to visit Armenia and its regions.
The Tufenkian heritage hotels are situated in various regions of Armenia, including Gegharqunik, Lori, Vayots Dzor and Yerevan, the most beautiful natural sites of the country, at the intersection of very popular tourist routes, where there is no comparable lodging facilities.
Each site is located within a scenic and historic village setting, each being a part of the village. The guests experience local food, crafts, customs and rhythm of daily village life, as well as the natural beauty, outdoor activities, and historical sites of the region. Besides, any of them is a basis for economic development of the resources of its region.

The Tufenkian Heritage hotels promote eco-tourism by using solar energy, special waste and water treatment system in all villages where the hotels are constructed. They
1. Feature world-class architecture and design, as Tufenkian's staff of local designers is teamed with renowned designers and architects from the United States and Europe to create truly memorable structures and interior environments.
2. Are situated at sites of spectacular natural beauty.
3. Are situated within picturesque villages of the countryside, which have maintained the charm of 19th century, pre-industrial village life.
4. Feature exceptional cuisine, based on fresh local ingredients, as well as regional recipes, creatively reinterpreted and expanded upon by the Tufenkian culinary team.
5. Feature service that reflects the warmth of traditional Armenian hospitality, surrounding guests with the feeling of entering an Armenian home where one is truly cared.
6. Feature furnishings and interior decoration designed by Tufenkian in Armenia, and produced by Armenian craftsmen from traditional materials and using traditional crafts.
7. Showcase environmental stewardship, employing solar power, and creating on site waste and water treatment facilities.

From the chain the gateway hotel Avan Villa Yerevan and Lake Sevan hotel complex are already operating. The hotel in northern part of the country is under construction. It is planned to finish it by spring of 2004. The 4th hotel drawings in the winery region of Armenia are also being developed at present.

The second phase of the project includes building hotels in Gyumri, Syunik and Lake Sevan.

Underdeveloped state of Armenian tours providers has been preconditioned by the absence of quality accommodations in the regions. Being the first mover in this respect, Tufenkian Hospitality and Tours makes development of other Armenian travel agencies, via offering tours in these destinations possible. The company has been developing its own tours function- tailored to the needs of the target clientele, as well as fitting to the hotels' heritage/cultural/historical concept.
Along with the standard tour package around the City Yerevan and Armenia, it offers special tours such as Armenia reborn, cooking and carpet shopping.
Web site: www.tufenkian.am