AYRUDZI Horse Riding Club

Everything began in Yerevan in 1980 when a group of enthusiasts decided to create a horse club. For more than 10 years the expedition has been facing one of the most significant problems of our nation - preservation of the Armenian culture and spirit. Putting aside professional career, AYRUDZI has been disseminating ethnographic culture - songs and dances, the traditional theater of shadows, national riding games and rites - in villages and rural communities. The AYRUDZI has reached many remote regions of Armenia. It has participated in various festivals, TV and Radio programs.

After collapse of the Soviet Union the AYRUDZI faced the problem of preservation of the facilities and resources, created throughout years, horses and the club spirit. It had to take up new methods of working in new conditions. During the period of 1996-97, with the assistance of the Armenian Red Cross and the Red Cross of Netherlands a summer camp for orphans has been created. Here all the conditions are created: rent-free sojourn in comfortable cottages, food, recreation and the most important thing-contact with pedigree horses. We have qualified coaches who train the children and infuse nurture love towards horses. Any kind of work is done by the club members, beginning from cooking and ending with various household problems. In September we designed a new program which implies providing treatment to children. In other words, we are going to practice a horse therapy here. It has a proven positive impact on such diseases as the infantile cerebral paralysis, illnesses of urinal tracts, etc.

Today AYRUDZI is stepping into a new phase. The club has good facilities, sports ground, convenient cottages, and favorable conditions for riding activities, fine thoroughbred horses.

By becoming club members (the club is already 18 years old) one can learn riding and participate in Riding tours by beautiful routes.

You are welcome to the riding complex AYRUDZI. By using our services you’ll assist development and prosperity of the Horse Riding Club.